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  1. Gough Whitlam: introduces Medicare, allowing free access to healthcare for everyone
  2. tone abet: wants to introduce $7 copayment to every GP visit
  3. Gough: gives us our first advisor for women's issues
  4. tone: supposedly is the minister for women, still not sure he realises they're human too
  5. Gough: pulls troops out of Vietnam
  6. tone: wants to send asylum seekers there
  7. Gough: introduces free tertiary education
  8. tone: wants to deregulate university fees
  9. Gough: gets rid of the OBE and knighthoods, introduces the OA
  10. tone: brings back knighthoods.
  11. Gough: replaces God Save the Queen with Advance Australia Fair as our national anthem
  12. tone: loudly ignores the line "for those who've come across the sea/we've boundless plains to share"
  13. Gough: one of the finest PM's this nation has ever had
  14. tone: wrong lizard. Possibly a dinosaur based on how outdated views are.
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  1. Tony Abbott: [pays tribute to Gough Whitlam]
  2. Tony Abbott: [tears down everything that Gough Whitlam built up]
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I was listening to Crush by Cory Branan on the way to work tonight and I sort had this weird realisation. I can’t remember the last time I had a proper crush on someone, like an actual infatuation. I used to love the idea of being in a relationship, now it just seems like anything like that would be an exercise in futility. All I do is experience empty one night stands or go back to familiar girls for the momentary illusion of having something other than the empty hook up that it is, and that’s not fair on me or them. I can’t see anything changing any time soon because I mostly feel dead inside at this point in time. I hope I’m one day past this bullshit in my head so that I might be open to the idea of meeting someone I might want to be with. This is why I hate night shift - there’s nothing to do other than bland paper work that I can’t focus on and I just end up sitting around overthinking and self evaluating, and I just feel like I am this great gaping negative force existing in space and time with no real direction or purpose.

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One time I listened to a band and now I’m broke

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"Ride it out, ride it out…listen and forgive. Pain is temporary, you will love and you will live. You will love and you will live…"

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My favorite part of this photo is that there is absolutely no reason for Jason Segel to be in it and yet there he is laying on Seth Rogen